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Consumer Financing - Finance Your Customers' Purchases Consumer Financing - 561-676-1978 Your business is selling to individuals, and your product could be home health ...


202-991-2227 / 2029912227 - 800notes

Call from "Karen Parker" asking me to call back about student loan repayment. Gave random reference number "02..." and an 866-324-4414 callback.

1-877-989-3268 / 18779893268 (2) - 800notes

I too received a pending charge with the description: "POS DEBIT WU 877-989-3268 MO" for $970. This is the sixth card I have had to replace in the last five years.

Real Student Debt Stories • Student Debt Crisis

Despite all the scholarships and grants I received I still had to take out loans to afford art school. I only completed 2 semesters and found out it wasn't for me.

Loan Scams | Lawrence Park, Century, Lendway Financial

Have you been scammed by a company or person offering loans? Don’t let it happen to someone else! If you have been scammed by some type of loan lender and you want to warn others please use the comment form below to submit your story.. Be as descriptive as possible about what happened during the process.

Why You Should Work Multiple Jobs | Money Under 30

The benefits of working a second job are great. Extra income to help pay off debt or save is fantastic. Plus, it's added security in case you lose your primary job.